[2010] The Aspiring Me EP

by TAME, The Aspiring Me

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This EP is a body of work of some tracks from the official, The Aspiring Me, LP and also some tracks that didnt quite make the cut. Nonetheless here is free music. Enjoy people


released March 9, 2010


Writers - A. Davis
Producers - C. Scull



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


TAME, The Aspiring Me Houston

Mo City, TX legend

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Track Name: No Worries
No worries
Bakin potatoes with ya dream girl/
And she down do the squad she a team girl/
On a night like this in my city I can cruise around and find a on the scene girl/
Light flashin dark shades on/
Party out the night till the day comes/
Drinking liqour and I'm tryin not to waste none/
We just livin that young life/
Swishers full of green absorb it I'm sunlight/
Everything so new feel like its my first time/
Stranger to the good life forgive me I been broke/
But dreams comin through through my pen these wish rhymes/
See I, I never been the one
never ever thought in a million years!
I could ever ever finally make it here!
Through endeavors I've triumphed and made it clear/
That I am here to stay!
No no noo, no no noo, no no noo, No Worries
Lobby hotel drunk screaming "we did it!"
This is my life and fuck u if u ain't livin it
Dapping up homies cuz they see what we be dealing with/
And they so amazed to see how we deal with it/
phonin my ma love and see u tommorrow!/
And sometimes I'm in new york on that phone call/
And sometimes and I'm in orlando on that phone call/
Basically y'all get what I'm saying, don't yall/
Livin a dream I think I dozed off!
Makin music people saying thay we dope dog/
They bring they k-9's through/
They get one wif our steeze sneeze and haachu!/
...Contagious u should tell a friend/
That I get in until the very end/
But how am I to ever know the end/
So I continue to go feelin like I caught a second wind/


Rollin dro up in zig zags/
But u know we still keep potatoes on deck/
See my pops was a OG/
So a G a nigga gotta Be/
So far outta reach, in a different time zone/
Headquarters line 1, ET I phone home/
Heard I got a lot of this/ heard I got a lot of that/
All this shit I'm hearing but, where the fuck the money @/
Run yo green like running backs/
Draft like its no cap/
U a lion my team got pro bowl stats/
Run it back from the top if u think I'm cold jack/
No worries nigga hold dat/
Track Name: I don't know
Bass line kickin, me in 98 9 yrs old telling myself I'm gone b different/
Uh hit the big 10, got in my pen state/
No nitty lion, just plenty rhyming/
I act a ass in class i was so defiant/
But my grades was on point
Niggaz never did get it use to tell em I was blessed/
Slept major in class but passed all the tests/
Yes, early on I saw what I was destined to be/
a crowd shaker nerve breaker to haters and most of all/
A young nigga holdin a region content to fall/
Hall pass listeners the way they writin us off/
But homie here is a young buck/
Sticking my finger up clutching on my nuts/
Won't ever give a fuck/
I play my roll no giving up/

I don't know what u been told/
But on this road u must find your roll/
I say on this road u must find your roll/ (repeat2x)

Couldn't see myself being anything else/
I do what I love just happen to get checks/
See people I know my age r wondering in college/
Majoring in something just because they see the profit/
Sacrificed joy for the paper in they pockets/
Now they r stuck doing shit they don't vibe with/
Paper pushing for another nigga never/
Decided to be more clever and triumph over endeavors/
Wether the good stays or bad trys to sneak up/
Never see me sweat by likes of enemies bra/
my struggle wasn't the hardest/
To niggaz that had to watch it/
But to me it felt like a triganometry problem/
Living vicariously whole life without me/
Or meaning, that's y in these streets/

I don't know what u been told/
But on this road u must find your roll/
I say on this road u must find your roll/ (repeat2x)

Everybody is ready man I give em a show/
Until my red heart stops to the green I go/
In my soul I know that nobody kick it iller/ still I feel apart of my life is missing/
Fighting demons, my mind is what they leaving/
Behind but its just some things I don't believe in/
So I let em fight, fight to the finish/
Your crazy if u think u get a rematch/
online like ematch or harmony/
But I ain't lookin for love so y they bother me/
Everybody rebuild but if destroyed you'll see/
The skyline to reach where u outta be/
In the clouds so above, hate us so what/
U lazy muhhfuckas still sittin on sofas/
Show up to ya life by the time ya door shut/
U lazy muhhfuckas still sittin on sofas but guess what?/

I don't know what u been told/
But on this road u must find your roll/
I say on this road u must find your roll/ (repeat2x)
Track Name: Empire Of The Moon
The coolest shit, that's what u catch me in/
Me solo, 2 girls and they like let's be friends/
Fasho doe, I'm fit for trio occasion/
We can make it square if u a find a xtra girl that wanna b in/
Down to earth but the dro got me o so high/
And I'm feelin myself got a mind full of wealth and a bank full of pride/
Sit back mr moon on the track a.d.d. controllin the rhymes/
Just drop ya brain off come back when its dark let me fix yo mind/
Or ease yo pain, my nigga me n u r the same/
Never felt above a nigga unless we on plane/
And this on my word/ never meant to down a sir/
Whenever I do flex just to show who fresh/
Should inspire u to get up yurs/
U can thank me l8tr/ 2 fingers u to muhhfuckin haters/
4 four finger ring on my right hand/
Feelin like I play for the lakers/
She li li li li lick it like I got a flavor/
Then she tell me how much she love my scooby doo underwear/

Take it how u wanna take it (damn)
And roll that weed up but make sho u break it (down)
See my sense of my greatness and they sense of greatness is not the same/ccz
And what they consider cool I would consider utterly lame/
We come from different lanes/
Please realize I will never change/
Grandpa heart attack at a green light/
Me changing lanes is what that seem like/
Not kanye but watch those street lights/
Lil nigga but I roll with a big fight/
Naw really I roll wit a sick pipe/
Stick a chick leave now she sick all night/
Track Name: You And I
Body is banging, face incredibly amazing/
Was that a double negative, cuz positive thoughts flowed the day I witnessed ya stroll/
Bring u to my side introduce u to home/
Rather ya new. Only if u knew the things I would do if I had a piece of u/
...to grip and hold close/
Prescribe you to me all I want is a dose/
Take u to the high places baby let's float/
Don't fight the feeling lil mamma let it go/
Love is a flower sunshine we can grow/
You and I, is something so fly/
The look of a goddess I see u and die/
I'm just being honest bout ya looks girl I promise/
You stainless steel cuz u never will tarnish/
Dreaming about you/ can't picture life without you/
Need anything I got you/
let me express how I feel about you/
Gently kiss u from ya head to ya feet/
Deep dive into ya sea/
I'm @ ya summit I just want u to peak/
After we ride the clouds that's where u sleep/
Repeat the process till there's nothing left/
Got u all worked out u saying I'm the best/
Baby all I know is that I want u for the rest/
Tell me u down for us to just lift/
To a destination higher than a jet/
U ain't gotta be scared have faith and just step/
All I can eat let me pick up the check/
U can lay on ya back and put ya legs around my kneck like yes/
Saw you in my dreams (repeat) with the O's playing in the background drop beat just melodies/

O's in the background with melody