Slow ride to NYC

by TAME, The Aspiring Me

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headed to NYC. 4/24-28. jam this


What's really good my friends/ I'm coming back again/ this time solo hair in the wind/
you see it in my eyes/ I'm knowin its my time/ patiently awaiting while I'm killing her thighs/ "look"
Muthafuckas say that I'm foolish I only talk about jews do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it/
I'm influenced by people took the past and re-wrote it. Prime example is what I just quoted/
focus air tight yall focused on head lights/ hope that u got a spare life/
When u find where those headlights are going/
Poppin shorty acting accordingly as she uncapped the 40/ drinking four for me cuz its four for me and their backs are showing/
Feeling like luscious I slowly practice my 2 step/ yo bitch is tracking my 2 steps/ I told her to get back 2 steps/ give a nigga a few steps/ over stepping is you yes/
hop, back in line/
Mac back in time/
I am, young T.A.Me/
Pitch dick to yo dame/
She gets a fake name/
She tell you "James is better than you'll ever be and you'll never see"
Why she wanna leave
She all gassed up/ called me and got jazzed up/ I told her to meet me at the border but I never came/ her shame is my gain/
Shallow, games I play but this game must stay/ to keep the fakes astray and my name in a haze/ I keep the, trojan for poking and smoke cuz its potent/ I like to roll with some soldiers that only got overies/ don't need no extra dudes in my lil crew so please move/ excuse, don't intrude, or whatever u say to get through/ my niggaz got issues/ they'll lay em out on you/ overly excited so by the count of 2./ we riot ignite violence/ over throw the king and kill him cuz he's a tyrant/
And that's just how we riding/ south side there's no obliging/ don't talk about defiance, cuz the poles was rigged/ inside of the seat is some boguse shit/ while I lean off the scene on 4s ya bitch


released April 24, 2013




TAME, The Aspiring Me Houston

Mo City, TX legend

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